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“HKUST in the Media” lists out a selection of news reports published related to the university’s research findings, expert opinions and activities.

6-9-2017 Here’s what’s next for Hong Kong after its first billion-dollar start-up ‘unicorn’
  • Comments by CSE and EC Director Prof Gary Chan
Business Insider
6-9-2017 科大水底機械人 揚威國際賽
Hong Kong Economic Times
6-9-2017 科大水底機械人「白鯨」成世界冠軍
Sing Tao Daily
6-9-2017 科大水底機械人國際賽奪冠
Ming Pao
6-9-2017 SAR is star player in uni rankings but top honors go elsewhere
The Standard
5-9-2017 重新發現自由與衡量人生 一帶一路從經濟帶來的啟示
Christian Daily
5-9-2017 港大排名再被新加坡拋離 亞洲龍頭地位勢危
28-8-2017 科大生「Be Our Guest」交流 德國生愛豉油 火鍋給俄生家的感覺
28-8-2017 科大生住家飯交流 德籍同學變豉油王
Hong Kong Economic Journal
28-8-2017 科大生創好客計畫 邀海外生回家聚餐
Sing Tao Daily
23-8-2017 科大推新計畫 逾五百新生入宿一年
Sing Tao Daily
23-8-2017 科大推首年住宿計劃 助新生適應
Sky Post
22-8-2017 科大推首年住宿計劃 助新生適應校園環境
22-8-2017 These grads mean business
The Standard
21-8-2017 Learning Analytics on MOOCs and Blended learning at HKUST
APAC CIO Outlook
2-8-2017 製懷舊電視播金曲 望減腦退化速度
2-8-2017 科大畢業生 設低碳遊網站推動環保
Sing Tao Daily
2-8-2017 科大跨學科EVMT 學生爭入讀
Hong Kong Economic Times
1-8-2017 6.7人爭一學位 科大EVMT為何咁搶手?
Hong Kong Economic Times TOPICK
30-7-2017 China’s cash and American troops are inspiring fine balancing act from US allies in East Asia
  • Comments by SOSC Prof David Zweig
South China Morning Post
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